Mohit Singh

A Human and Dreamer


  • A distributed link shortener

    Sat Sep 04 2021

    In my post about building building link-shortener, I discussed about how I attempted to build a fully functional link shortener. That worked well but I was left with several questions during my previous attempt.

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  • On frontend tooling

    Sat Aug 21 2021

    One thing I keep saying to people, Love it or hate it but it's still in your mind.. Same happens with me and frontend tooling. When I started creating websites and was recovering from my android madness, the state of frontend tooling was way more complex than today.

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  • A collection of random thoughts

    Tue Aug 03 2021

    This is a collection of random thoughts dumped in the form of a blog post. These thoughts are my personal views and opinions and are by no mean absolute.

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  • The Politics

    Fri Jul 23 2021

    I remember a story by Hari Shankar Parsai, one of my favorite Hindi writers. The story was around election in jungle and sheep choosing wolves for their protection.

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