The unemployed programmer

Experiences of an unemployed programmer from a republic of broken systems and broken people.

I've seen a lot of people complaining about fraudster software engineers from India or other kind of frauds that operate from there. Did you think why they do what they do ?

Gold and glitters

It's not about just easy money. Before you read this piece, I must warn you that this post might trigger your sentiments if you are part of this crowd I am calling out. In India, the country where I live, cheating and bribery is part of the normal life. The crowd we will be looking at is CS graduates. India produces world's largest number of them each year, 90% of which are useless. The Sturgeon's Law surprisingly fits here.

Ninety percent of everything is crap.

What do you expect from a crowd of computer programmers who can't code but want to earn money, specially in a country where cheating is a social norm ? Well, they will do everything in their capacity to earn.

I am not denying the fact that India is also known of it's brilliant minds. Those who are genuinely interested in coding are extremely good at it, but being good alone is not something that will land you a job, you need a lot more than that. This way, if you ignore the fortunate programmers and the ethical ones, you've got two crowds, the brilliant ones but still unemployed and the stupid ones who want money at any cost.

Easy money

There are countless companies in india employing incompetent engineers, promising them good packages. So, how they give them good packages even if they are incompetent ? The engineers there bid for foreign projects on various platforms with fake profiles or fake non-indian sounding names. It's not entirely their fault. This is because those people on the other side have a perception that any indian sounding name will be an incompetent engineer.

These kind of fraudsters are elsewhere as well, but large population of these fraudsters operate from India, probably due to the amount of unemployed CS engineers we have. Once they land in the project, the race to finish it with jugaad starts, which involves outsourcing chain, half backed project, bad security practice etc.

The gamblers

Liers are believed easily and the interview process is broken. That's why it's very difficult for some engineers to compete with this.

Since you can sell anything if the packaging is good, the same engineers that are considered unemployable by companies, are appreciated when they go through consultancies or when they lie about there experience. The reason is these consultancies craft a perfect lie for them that pleases those employing them. In return, they take a cut.

Sometimes, this forms a chain of companies taking cuts and engineers getting way lower than the original employer pays. On the other hand, frauds end up gaming the interviews and serve in 2 or 3 jobs at once and sometime even 7. Sometimes, the techniques they employ for the fraud are hilarious and brilliant.

The unlucky one

The engineers with ethics hate companies employing shady business practices. This limits the places where they can work because a lot of tech giants in India are exactly these. There is no end of dirt in this road.

Will these all be fixed anytime soon ? I don't think so.

I am a CS graduate who was optimistic about his career a few years ago, dreaming of building things that'll change the world, but after going through all this crap and seeing it closely, I no longer believe that.